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Telecommunicator (911 Dispatcher) - NORCOM ( Job # 15-0001)

This job is closed.

Minimum Salary: $25.12 per hour
Maximum Salary: $36.21 per hour
Employment Type: Full Time
Department: Operations
Open until filled.
(Open to current employees and the general public.)


Reporting to the Team Supervisor, responds to requests for emergency and non-emergency police, fire and medical services. Incumbents must develop a rapid and accurate sense of call interpretation and decision-making/problem solving skills during stressful situations, processing multiple calls simultaneously, establishing the priority status of the call and initiate a sequence of time sensitive actions. Work is performed using state of the art technology and within strict operational guidelines. All voice and data entry work is continually recorded and is subject to live monitoring for later review and critique and may include public disclosure of such work.


  • Applicants will be allowed to reschedule for testing or interviews once during the recruitment process. Failure to show for any NORCOM initiated test or interview will result in the removal from the hiring process.
  • Applicants may retake the multiple task/split ear exam up to three times.  The waiting period between multiple task/split ear exam retakes is 90 days.  An applicant is eligible to go through the hiring process up to and including the initial interview every two years. 

The Telecommunicator position is represented by the NORCOM Associated Guild and as a represented employee Telecommunicators will be required to become and remain members in good standing or pay fair share dues and fees with the Guild no later than thirty (30) days from the date of hire.


For the Telecommunicator position, applications are screened continuously as long as recruitment remains open on  The hiring process for this position includes both of the following:

  • Register with Public Safety Testing (PST at; a written test will be administered by PST and requires a fee of $31.00.)
  • Apply to NORCOM via the online application process,, which can be found on the NORCOM website under “Employment”

Once you have completed your written test through PST, NORCOM will be in contact with you via email, to set up your multiple task/split ear appointment.

  • Take and pass the Multiple Task/Split ear evaluation – 80% to pass
  • Suitability Assessment Report – administered at NORCOM
  • Conditional offer of employment
  • Polygraph
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Extensive background investigation and credit and criminal history reports
  • Final interview
  • Post offer physical examination to include an audiogram (hearing  test) and drug screen

Each applicant must successfully complete each phase of testing/evaluation in order to be considered and moved forward in the testing process.

Essential Functions

• Answers emergency and non-emergency calls for service and simultaneously enters this information into the computer using a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System
• Calms, negotiates, advises and provides instructions to callers to obtain accurate and essential information necessary to establish priority and initiate a timely response to emergency calls
• Dispatch police, fire, and medic units as appropriate via radio transmissions; anticipate problems and respond to units as necessary
• Continually updates information as it is received, enters in to computer and updates units as to new information or instructions including follow up and updated status of calls
• Process more than one call at a time
• Assist co-workers as necessary when available
• Attend shift meetings and /or debriefing before or after work as directed
• Represents the Center while participating in local, regional or state functions related to public safety
• Must be reliable and dependable, reporting for work on a consistent and punctual basis
• Performs additional duties as assigned

Interpersonal Contacts

Contacts are made both inside and outside the organization. Internal contacts frequently include telecommunications staff and less frequently, administrative staff. External contacts include NORCOM customers and citizens. May serve as liaison between the Center and one or more agencies to provide superior customer service to the Center’s customers. Interactions tend to focus on information exchange and receiving and giving directions. Contacts may include sensitive and/or confidential information. 90% of external interactions are via the telephone or electronically via e-mail.

Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities

• Knowledge of NORCOM service area including streets and landmarks
• Knowledge of map reading techniques, including directions of travel and freeway access
• Ability to condense and organize large amounts of information into readable, sensibly typed remarks in a timely manner and recall numerous acronyms and type codes essential to efficient and accurate call processing
• Ability to make timely and appropriate decisions under emergent circumstances based on technical standards, criteria and policies
• Ability to remember numerous details and quickly re-call essential information
• Ability to consistently think clearly and respond quickly in a wide variety of emergency situations
• Ability to speak English clearly, possess an excellent vocabulary and verbally communicate rapidly
• Ability to deal effectively with people in a multi-cultural society under extremely stressful situations
• Ability to quickly perform multiple time-sensitive tasks in response to visual and sound stimuli with a high degree of accuracy
• Ability to type 40 words per minute while conversing with callers
• Maintain accurate records as required
• Ability to articulate in a clear, concise manner, disseminating complete and accurate information in a logical and timely basis both orally and in writing
• Ability to work under stress; be a team player and establish good working relationships; maintain self-control under stressful circumstances.
• Ability to discern several conversations simultaneously, disseminate appropriate information, prioritize actions and respond in an effective manner
• Ability to be available for shift work encompassing a 24 hour day, seven-day week; inclusive of days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays
• Computer skills sufficient to discern and solve routine problems

Required Education/Experience

• High school diploma or equivalent. One year experience in the public safety field or successful completion of a vocational dispatch course is beneficial

Licenses and Other Requirements

• Incumbent may be required to respond to the needs of the Communication Center regardless of external weather or other emergency factors and outside of regular work hours.

Work Environment

• Work is typically performed in the communications room, with varying levels of light , confined environment
• Disciplined environment with close supervision; must carry out lawful orders regardless of personal agreement
• May be subjected to excited, abusive, foul-mouthed, incoherent, drunk, impaired or hysterical callers
• Must be available to work shift work encompassing 24 x 7 schedules including evenings, nights, weekends and holidays
• Must remain at the Center for the full scheduled shift. Uninterrupted lunch and breaks are not guaranteed. Lunch and breaks must be scheduled with the on-duty Supervisor
• Due to the nature of public safety work, overtime may be required
• May be subject to ”call back” on short notice and for extended periods and must be available by phone at own expense

Physical Demands

• Light lifting, carrying and pushing objects weighing up to 15 pounds
• Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate standard office equipment, including a computer key board
• Sitting for extended periods of time
• Ability to read and discern visual images in a variety of media, to include small liquid crystal displays offering very little brightness/darkness contrast, standard monochrome CRT display screens, printed matter that has been reduced to less than normal size type, multi-colored indicated lights which have differing flash rates and color which indicates the status of electronic functions
• Ability to respond to multiple visual and sound stimuli with a high degree of accuracy in a timely manner
• Adequate hearing and visual acuity to successfully perform the essential job requirements
• Ability to speak and comprehend English coherently to exchange information in person and on the telephone
• Must be free from physical impairments that with or without accommodation would interrupt continuous performance of a shift lasting from eight to twelve hours


450 110th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004